About Russell Trusso

Russell Trusso designs one uniquely beautiful piece of fine jewelry at a time for one lucky lady. Each piece in his one-of-a-kind couture collections are completely crafted by his hands.

His jewelry creations, which include his unique signature enamel orchids, pearl petal and crystal flowers, diamond kissed pearl necklaces and earrings, unique bracelets, candy colored rings, are all created with finite attention to delicate details. His designs are frankly romantic and ultra feminine. 

He takes the breathtaking beauty created by Mother Nature and adds his own spin with gemstones and luscious colors.

This is no accident; his studio is a glass gazebo in his seasonally planted garden, which is saturated with flowers and colors that create a magical view as he works.

Personally, Russell Trusso is a true renaissance man who has worn many hats with distinction.

He has experienced the prestige of being a top Neuro-anesthesiologist at Cleveland clinic; just call him Dr. Trusso. He created couture clothing during the 70's. His entire hand painted collections were scooped up by the 'old' bendels, considered the trend setting store of that era. About a dozen years ago he followed his passion, left medicine to devote himself fulltime to the creation of jewelry design. His dreams were validated when he received a nomination for new fine jewelry designer by the council of fashion designers of America--CFDA.

There will not be a fourth career for this designer. He has found his passion...and will follow it where his creativity leads him.

For us all, this is wonderful news.